A Brief Intro To The Pearl Companies

A Brief Intro To The Pearl Companies





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They create Pearl Jewellery in Unique Designs on which they pride themselves.   Their aim is to always sell very good jewellery at the most reasonable prices. There is a free gift box with each purchase.  This is a family owned and operated business which has been in existence for more than 20 years.   They began in one location in the American South and steadily expanded to several others.


Novica sell Fair Trade Jewellery.  In conjunction with National Geographic, they work with brilliant Gifted Designers from  all over the globe to produce stunning keepsake jewellery.  They say that although the pearls in their necklaces can be lightly to moderately blemished, this does not detract from the uniqueness of their many pieces.  They provide distinctive pouches for their jewellery.


They are known for their “Dogeared” Series of necklaces named  “Pearls of: Love;  Happiness; Friendship and Wisdom”,  which are clearly a collectable series.   The pearls are lightly blemished and they, therefore, consider these ideal for customers to buy when shopping on a budget.   These necklaces are provided boxed with a message card.  They also stock other pearl jewellery.


They have found that the popularity of male jewellery is growing and are thrilled to be a part of this growth.  They have men`s pearl jewellery for every style and budget.   Besides the usual cufflinks and rings, they also stock necklaces and bracelets.  Their pearls may also be lightly to moderately blemished, but they regard these minor differences as giving great value, at the price, to the customer.


Finally last, but by no means least, when you want the very best, there is The Pearl Source.  They are one of the Leading Foundation Members of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA).  They handpick their pearls  from the Pearl Farms choosing only the finest in quality, lustre, colour and “cleanliness” of surface.   All purchases are packed in elegant jewellery boxes.



Pearls do not always develop perfectly in the oyster.  Apparently, the majority do not.   Well, it is nature after all!  The Information Guide, to which I have added a link on the first page of this site also covers this point under the Heading “Surface Markings”.   When such imperfections are minor – not usually readily visible to a non-expert – or moderate, the jewellery is sold at a lesser price than that which would be asked for pearls with no blemishes.

However, you will learn from the Guide that a high lustre, or the way the pearls are strung and set can help hide blemishes.

As Pearls are graded according to a set criteria, if they have any great imperfections they are not used in jewellery making.   They are used, for instance, by Cosmetic Companies, who have them grounded up to make iridescent, translucent face powder. The above Companies do give the appropriate Certificates of authenticity to all purchasers of their Pearl Jewellery.

All the Companies have on their sites the usual links to a much wider collection and variety for buyers to choose from.   Have fun checking one or more of them out!

P.S:  Since writing the above, stunning pieces of additional pearl jewellery have now been added from a number of other Brand companies, mainly from page 3 onwards.  You would not be disappointed.  Any time prices are not shown, it means that fantastic discounts would be offered to you when you link through to the site.



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