The Chic Elegance of Pearls




The Richness and Lustre of the Colours of these Pearls Truly Stand Out
A Dazzling Array of Multi-Coloured Pearls In All Their Lustrous Beauty



The ancient timeless beauty of Pearls, which have been around for thousand of years,  when combined with the stylish modern designs of pearl jewellery, will give you an elegant chicness that is very classy.  Couple that with its long lasting qualities and, with care, you have an unbeatable gem of quality that can be handed down through the generations.



Nowadays, because of the different styles, colours and designs, pearl jewellery has become very fashionable once more.  It is not only meant for women, but can also be worn by men, children and pets!


Soft Gold Pearls with Clip/Brooch in >Matching Gold
Elegant Gold Coloured Pearls with Matching Clip/Brooch.


The choices you have as to the variety of designs – from the pedestrian to the unusual – when coupled with the lovely colours of today, such as rose pink, cream, nice shades of blue and green,  a stunning golden colour, and the glamorous black pearl, will leave you spoilt for choice.   Whichever colour and design you choose,  to suit an outfit or your lifestyle, wearing pearls – whether it is a necklace, choker, pendant, maybe with matching earrings, or a bracelet – will leave you not only feeling luxurious, but looking it as well.

As the saying goes – or shall I say used to go!  – every female should have at least one piece of pearl jewellery.  However, it still holds true today.

Wistful looking Dog Wears Choker of Pink Pearls with Pink Flower attached.
Dog Wearing Pink Pearls Choker with attached Pink Flower. Modern Man`s New Best Friend!



The leather bracelet, with one or more carefully placed pearls, looks good on a man, especially the young male.

Though age is certainly no barrier.  If your choice looks good on you, that is all that matters.  A matching leather necklace, also with a pearl,  would finish off the look very nicely, giving  a fashionable appearance.



Little Girl Wearing Pearls
Cute Little Girl in Pearls Playing Dress Up

Regarding children, they are never too young to have a good piece of pearl jewellery.  Clearly, it would be for you to judge if your child is ready for a pearl gem.  Is the child the careful type who will not only take care of it, but also not lose it?   Mind you, the decision could be taken away from you – and let’s face it, made easier – if the child decides that she, or he, cannot stand pearls and don’t  want any.  It would also be easier on your pocket!


Lovely Kitten in Pearls with Open Jewel Box
Cute Kitten Wearing Pearls and Posing with Open Jewel Box.


With your beloved pets, think how cute they would look in a choker type pearl necklace.  Dogs should be used to wearing  chokers, not too tight obviously.  Seriously, both dogs and cats would look great.  Don’t  be surprised if you see your pets,  more likely to be cats,  looking and admiring themselves in any mirror they can peer into.   Well, they would, wouldn’t they.  They are feline after all!




Eileen De Gannes